Published by Gareth Reid on October 16, 2015

How to play online slots the right way

From a mechanics perspective online slots are by no means a complicated game on the surface. Players insert a “coin” into the game, hit the spin button, and waits to see if the reels fall in their favour. Most games are made up of 3 or more reels and put the task of matching up symbols in front of players. The games themselves are powered by Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure total fairness, while they often feature plenty of sizzle that keeps players gripped. When it comes to play luck plays a key part in any and all success that someone can achieve, this means that both beginners and experts can get exactly the same experience from playing online slots.  While luck is a key game element, that really can’t be denied, there are steps that a player can take to improve their overall output. The following looks at how you can play online slots the right way.

Select the right game and promotions

There are hundred upon hundreds of online slot games out there, but there actually only two main genres available. These are 3 reel slots and 5 reel slots, with each incarnation of the game having a different feel to the other. It is also worth noting that each of these games also has plenty of sub variations. 3 reel slots usually consist of a single payline and put nostalgia front and centre. The games play like the classic games of yesteryear and definitely have an old school feel to them. Video slots opt on the side of innovation featuring 5 reels, multiple paylines, and plenty of eye catching modern elements. Both game formats have pros and cons, so it is recommended that players try them on for size before they commit to either over the long term.

When it comes to promotions, it would be foolish to play at an online casino that doesn’t offer a good welcome bonus, as this can save you a lot of money in the long run. Before signing up to a new casino, make sure to check beforehand, to see if you can get access to no deposit free spins and other bonuses.

Read the pay tables

They are the window into our favourite games and are must read material in many regards. Pay tables feature within various (not all) online slot games, with such detailing key information related to the title in question. The reason why these are such an important reading is because they take a lengthy look at the financial implications of playing an online slot game. It will detail minimum bets, maximum bets, and various other elements that can allow you to calculate what profit potential a game holds. So many players seem to neglect reading pay tables, but the reality is that the information they hold can often prove to be invaluable.

Place your bets

So you’ve evaluated all that’s available in the world of slots through an online casino portal like and a few games have taken your eye. You’ve broken down the pay tables and got to grips with the concept, but what do you do know? You bet of course! Betting is the key act a player makes when it comes to online slots play and it is fairly simple in many ways. When you are on the landing screen of your chosen online slots game, you will see various on screen button. The bet button is usually located to the bottom right of the screen and present players with two options. You can either bet single coin amounts, stack them as you wish, or opt for it all and hit bit Bet Max.

Online slots are the game of our generation, with all the above getting you ready to spin the reels for the first time.

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